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Should you attempt an online search for Josie Lee, without adding art to the name, you'll get lots of beautiful, scantily-clad glamour models and pole dancers (would that I looked like that - my spare tyres would wrap around the slipperiest of poles - I should paint myself thin!)

I was recently asked by a charming art student for a brief biopic for her study (foolish girl - as if I could be brief!) Here follows, more or less, what I told her about myself:

I was born in Central Manchester, opposite Strangeways Prison, 99,000 years ago (December 1955 actually...a year or two after Caesar). My parents were Italian immigrants who returned to Italy when I was a young girl so I never completed my schooling and spent a few formative years under a Neapolitan sun. Though I've never studied art I'm fortunate to be gifted with the ability to draw anything I see and much of what I don't see. I was an exuberant IT trainer for many years until work began to dry up around 2012 - how dare you all become computer-literate! That cold, hungry winter (C'mon! Let me be a drama queen!) I started experimenting with paint and, after many feeble attempts that wouldn't even merit a post on your fridge door, I slowly began to improve.

My compositions are made up of acrylic, heavy paste work and mixed media. Once I've mastered this, I shall delve into the world of oils and watercolours. Many of of my street scenes are heavily influenced by my childhood: the characters are often working folk of times gone by with a mix of Anglo/Mediterranean influence. I love to create tableaux of life in a community, where each time you look you find yet another character up to mischief, with adults, children and animals constantly upstaging each other! My art is a source of joy to me and I hope that your discovery of this art might also give you cause to smile.

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